Dear European Union Leaders,

euflagHere is a message from Romania, a country you will deny being part of the Schengen area. I am part of the young generation in Romania but I still remember the early days, when we were still debating the “integration”.  The whole country was discussing about pros and cons, about how the “integration” will decay our culture, about how the union will take advantage of our economy and how EU will bankrupt our industry, sell it and then leave. But the vision about an united Europe prevailed and in conjunction with the new spirit and generation, we managed to get in the yard of the Union and get a sniff of western air. We liked it and we embraced the vision of being part of a wider Europe and since then huge progress was made in terms of mentality, culture and progressive spirit. We changed our way of thinking and with a lot of sacrifice but a strong desire we contributed in our own way to this vision and strategy of becoming One Europe.

And we now believe in this. We lost the confidence in our own government, we don’t expect much from them now as we managed to get by without their help. Actually we managed to do all this progress despite the political vendetta, despite the corruption and bureaucracy. However we always looked up in the west, and we tried to follow the positive examples we’ve seen. We fully embraced the idea of unity and now more than ever the idea seems the only way forward during the persisting global crisis.

However it seems the EU has lost the confidence in the project. Flagship countries are seeking now to leave EU. Citizens are looking down the new members, thinking that we are here to ask for privileges that we are not entitled to. The tolerance and empathy are only used for political campaigns but not any more when jobs are threatened. We now see that politicians in other countries are all the same, preaching a nationalism just to gain some votes instead of looking at the economic situation that is getting worst every day. It’s hard to admit that they have failed their citizens and now they just want someone to blame. We are being accused of taking advantage of the social system in Britain, France or Germany but you don’t admit that your social system is to blame for the economy failure. It’s not ok for Romanians or Bulgarians to ask for social services in other countries and to leave on the taxes paid by people working there. But it’s also not ok for your own citizens to stay at home and take advantage of the taxes paid by the working population. This is one of the reasons for the crisis persisting. But all EU politicians are avoiding to say this message because they will lose the majority of the votes.

There is no difference between our government and EU government, it’s just a different class. The European spirit that seemed so powerful and the confidence that the way forwards is together is now a pale shadow of something that once seemed like the key to success. EU now lacks leadership and vision and confidence in its own projects. There isn’t any voice that prevails amongst the others. France and Germany can’t reach any common point of view. Britain never wanted to be part of the EU but they liked the advantages that came with this, without actually giving anything in return. Italy and Spain accuse the immigrants for their situation when corruption and poor management pushed them on the edge. Not to mention that other EU members don’t even try to send any message unless they have internal elections.

We sent out Becali and Basescu’s daughter in the EU Parliament, obviously one of our worst choices but also an example of the fact the EU doesn’t have any self-protecting mechanism. If they managed to get there who knows what other characters are actually part of the EU Parliament. If we are expecting these guys to shape the way our future looks like than Europe doesn’t seem like such a good place to leave. If Romania and Bulgaria seems like a situation that can’t be managed because of the corruption and the fear of not being able to protect the EU boundaries than we really doubt of the EU leadership capabilities.

Global economy is like a storm in the big ocean now and our ship seems to be all adrift. And our hopes are in the captain who’s afraid of some rats on the deck. We really don’t expect to become part of the Schengen area just like that. We admit the flows in justice, corruption and poor management in the state structure but really guys EU lacks completely initiative, vision, leadership and any idea of a way forward. You seem overwhelmed by the situation so if anyone in Bruxelles still believe in the idea of an United Europe now it’s time to take action. We need your help to resolve some of our internal issues, we need guidance and we are putting on the table a county with lots of natural resources, exit to the Black Sea, high agricultural potential, qualified workforce and many others.

I know most of the EU citizens have lost the trust in you but not in the vision of unity so with our without your help we will arrive there, just make sure you will not make thing worst just for getting political popularity.


An European citizen


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